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No matter how big or small, every act of compassion makes a difference!

By signing up, you’ll be adding your voice to the Compassionate Lexington movement. We’ll send you a few emails reminding you about the event, giving you some ideas for compassionate acts, and inspiring you to go out and make a difference!

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Register here to participate in #LexGiveBack and receive email updates

Click here to find a volunteer opportunity during #LexGiveBack week.  This will link you to StepForward Lexington

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Businesses, churches, campus groups…all are welcome! Click here to let us know your organization will be participating and how we can help you find the best ways to make a difference during #LexGiveBack

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Are you a non-profit or service organization that needs volunteers to help you accomplish your mission? Click here to create an event at StepForward Lexington during #LexGiveBack to let people know how they can put their compassion into action with you. Let us know your needs and we’ll match you with people looking to help