The #LexGiveBack Coin Challenge


Frequently Asked Questions

I just got a #LexGiveBack Coin! What the heck is it?

The coin you received is one of 100 limited-edition, individually numbered LexGiveBack Challenge Coins. Someone may have passed it on to you with an act of kindness, or maybe you simply found it somewhere. However it came to be in your possession, receiving a LexGiveBack Coin is a challenge to engage in an act of compassion. 

What do I do with a #LexGiveBack Challenge Coin?

Whatever you want! We suggest taking a picture of your Challenge Coin and posting it to social media (Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter) with the hashtag #LexGiveBack and the number on your coin (i.e., #Coin032). Then, do something nice for someone and pass the coin on, encouraging the next recipient to do the same. Tell us about your experience – how you received your coin, what acts of compassion it may have inspired, who you passed it on to, etc. Follow the coin’s journey on social media throughout the week to see where it goes and who else it inspires!

Do I keep the Challenge Coin?

We hope not! The quicker you pass your coin on to another person with an act of kindness, the better. The more people receive the coin, the more acts of compassion it can inspire.

Who do I give my Challenge Coin to?

If you do something nice for someone, you can pass the coin on to that individual or someone else entirely. Challenge a friend, family member or co-worker. Give the coin to a complete stranger! Totally up to you. The important thing is that the coins continue to be passed on.

What is “an act of compassion"?

An act of compassion is anything you do that helps another person or makes their day a little better. It could be holding the door for a stranger, buying someone a sandwich or a cup of coffee, mowing your neighbor’s lawn… no matter how small it may seem, every act of compassion can make a difference.

Do #LexGiveBack Challenge Coins have any monetary value?

Nope, not a penny. Its only value is measured in how you pass it on and the good deeds it inspires.

What if I’m not from Lexington?

That’s great! That means a little compassion has left our city and is making a positive impact somewhere else.

Why does this coin exist?

The Challenge Coins are an extension of #LexGiveBack, a week-long community service project during which individuals and organizations are encouraged to engage in acts of compassion toward their fellow Lexingtonians. #LexGiveBack is part of the Compassionate Lexington Campaign. It's organized as project of Leadership Lexington and is affiliated with the International Charter for Compassion movement.

Do I need a Challenge Coin to participate in LexGiveBack week? 

Absolutely not! We encourage everyone to engage in as many acts of compassion as possible during LexGiveBack Week. No coin required. 

Do I really need to post my good deeds to social media? 

We’d love to hear about what you’re doing — and seeing what you’re doing might encourage others to get involved — but if you’re not a fan of social media, that’s fine. Our primary goal is to encourage Lexingtonians to be compassionate towards one another. The coins and social media channels are just ways to get the word out about LexGiveBack Week and encourage people to get involved. 

What if I don’t want to participate?

That’s OK. If you received a coin, we only ask that you leave it behind where someone else can find it.