What is #LexGiveBack?

#LExGiveBack is a week-long community service project, during which individuals and organizations will be encouraged to engage in acts of compassion toward their fellow Lexingtonians.

Mowing a lawn, serving at a soup kitchen, lending a hand…no act of compassion is too small!

#LexGiveBack is part of the Compassionate Lexington Campaign. It is organized as project of Leadership Lexington , and is affiliated with the International Charter for Compassion movement.

On Oct. 12, the LFUCG Council voted unanimously to designate Lexington as a Compassionate City, joining us with other cities across the globe who are part of the Charter for Compassion movement. #LexGiveBack is one of the ways we are living out this new identity. Click here to read the full resolution.


For more information about the #LexGiveBack Coin Challenge, check out our FAQ